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Behr Chair     Yew
A client had an antique chair she'd found in England, and wanted a full set for her dining room. I used her original as a pattern for these, and made them in yew wood I got from the Oregon. Yew acquires a wonderful color with age, and takes a beautiful finish, so I appreciated her enthusiasm for the choice of this unusual (but difficult!) wood.

Mitchell Dining Chair    

Trent Arm Chair    
I love this chair. It's comfortable, it's strong, it has a nice amount of detail but at the same time that it incorporates elements of Chinese and English styles, it is also very contemporary in its simplicity. It's one of my favorite designs, and was featured in Fine Woodworking's sister publication Home Furniture in 1996.

Behr Chair   |   Mitchell Dining Chair   |   Trent Arm Chair
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